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A year-end wrap-up.

Just a few days remain until the beginning of the awaited 2021. This time of the year is an occasion to assess and evaluate the results, be proud of the achievements and set new goals.

EGT Interactive casino games are famous for their proven engine, attractive RTP, high execution quality and the innovative feature – Mystery Jackpot. Our bonus games’ portfolio keeps expanding and has become a distinctive mark and a strong association of the brand identity.

Since last year, we have officially released 12 new video slots, two reskins of Christmas slots, and meanwhile working on many new surprises! We managed to keep up our standards and maintain a high level of excellence. The increasing number of players enjoy the quality of the game’s animation and the smooth user experience during gameplay.

EGT Interactive is constantly striving to expand and reach more of its loyal players through new territories. We have rapid growth for the last year increasing our games coverage with the significant 45%. Our content is already available through hundreds of websites, and we are continually supplying more and more clients. Our one-time seamless API integration helps us create strong partnerships growing our worldwide operators.

We have grown to a leading supplier in the iGaming industry, and we will continue to revive the classic casino games into the digital world, creating online casino gaming experience for the real players.

What is our promise for 2021? We will turn each game into a masterpiece and make people play!