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What a meeting at WGE in Monaco!

Skills, persistence and a little be of luck is the winning combination in the game of poker

On the second day of the WGE in Monaco EGT Interactive team had an interesting meeting with Finnish professional poker player and winner of the largest online poker hand in history ($1,356,946) –  Patrik Antonius who shared some knowledge and experience from his poker life.

As an experienced poker player, can you estimate what percentage of the winning combination is luck and what is skills?

I guess that in the long-term perspective it is all about the skills. Even if you are unlucky over a certain period of time, inevitably comes a time when luck is in your favor. If you are accounting for, let’s say 10 years of time – you will win, eventually.

What skills are needed to be successful in poker?

Firstly, you should know the rules of the game but not only, you should also know yourself – your physical and emotional limit and when it is the time to stop. Finally, you should study your opponents and try to predict their moves, while striving to stay unpredictable yourself.

Playing poker can be exhausting, what keeps you up?

Adrenaline! Once I played couple of days non-stop, with no sleep and adrenaline was the only thing that kept me. 

We want to thank Patrik for sharing his experience with us and to wish him lots of luck in the next tournaments!