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Julia Peeva-Sertov is Malta’s Best Woman Leader of the Year

Julia is a winner of this year’s MiGEA Awards in Malta’s Best Woman Leader of the Year category. She is the Chief Executive Officer of EGT Interactive’s main partner Amusnet Gaming since 2018 and has become a true professional in the iGaming industry with 11+ years of experience as of today.

Julia is motivated by her sense of purpose, her clear vision and her strategy. She relies on her intuition, courage, risk-taking, agility and resilience to drive Amusnet Gaming forward. Being a woman leader in such a dynamic industry taught her how to tackle problems, find patterns in complex information, and pursue deep understanding. This means she is excellent at seeking the root problems while remaining flexible in pursuing opportunities and success.

To be a leader also means being a people person and having a strong emotional intelligence. Julia teaches her team how to listen, be team players, prioritize and use their personal qualities in a way that advances collective goals.

Using these remarkable qualities and at the same time being incredibly persistent and responsible, Julia changes the game. Leaders like her are in great demand by companies interested in innovation and staying ahead of the curve.