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Irina Rusimova, Business Development Manager at EGT Interactive, shares insights about “Entertainment Industry” Exhibition

“Entertainment Industry” Exhibition in Kyiv was the first in-person event for a long time. It was exciting and beneficial to gather people from the industry.

Soloazar speaks to Irina Rusimova, Business Development Manager at EGT Interactive, regarding her experience there and what are the provider’s future plans.

How do you evaluate the year so far? What are the company’s plans and goals for the rest of 2021?

Despite the difficult situation around the pandemic worldwide, we are continuing to experience significant growth in terms of new operators, coming on board, growth in the base of fan players and overall results. In 2021 we are continuing our expansion towards newly regulated markets such as Greece, Germany, Ukraine, The Netherlands while we are also strongly focused on the expansion of the variety of the games in the portfolio offered to our operators, including the development of new casino slots, jackpot systems, marketing tools and presenting new verticals to our game offering.

What are the main markets in which your company is focusing?

We are already present in most of the regulated iGaming markets. In some of them such as Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Serbia we are presented as Tier 1 content provider where the EGT games are widely known to the players. In such markets, we are working for the retention of the popularity of the games, while we are also aiming to provide the best service to our operators and their players by adding a variety of new casino games each month.

Our focus, in terms of the steady growth portfolio popularity, is mainly concentrated in some of our brand-new markets such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain

We are also aiming to enter the markets of Switzerland and the expected newly regulated markets such as Ukraine, Greece and Germany where the portfolio of games is already familiar to the players and showing great interest from the land-based operations.

How do you evaluate the current situation for the games of the chance sector in general?

There is evidence of the growth in the revenue of the casino sector in all markets, worldwide and we are also seeing an identical trend. In addition, the continuous regulation of new markets is another positive trend which would make the terms of the operations clearer and more regulated, not only for the local operators but also for the providers. In this sense, we are highly supporting the local regulations which are providing stability and assurance to operators and providers that their services are up to date and according to the local set of rules, while at the same time they are also guaranteeing stability and security for the players.

What are the latest trends nowadays within the gambling sector?

For sure, one of the constant trends is the higher demand in local regulations and the improvement of the responsible gaming regulations worldwide. In terms of the game portfolio offerings – the pandemic and the lockdowns along with the limited offering of sport betting services caused a rise in the eSports sector which started quickly gaining high market share. The VR and the Live Casino verticals are also on the rise – all these show the necessity for the casino providers to keep working on improving their portfolio by adding new and up to date game features that are in line with the latest trends, as well as constant improvement and enlargement of the verticals of the offered games and services.

In your opinion, What are the future perspectives in Ukraine, considering the new gambling legislation and the issuance of new licences?

Our research of the market and the players’ preferences is already showing great interest and thus we are expecting high success of the EGT branded games. We have already met some of the locally licensed operators. We see high demand in EGT games while we are looking forward to welcoming them in our network of partners. The new gaming law is definitely in favour of all sides as it will limit the presence of unlicensed casino sites available for the local players and thus will provide the grounds for a safer play and overall secure gaming experience.