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EGT INTERACTIVE with a great start of the year at ICE London and looking forward to ENADA in Rimini.

With a huge excitement we’d like to share that Q1 – 2019 has a really great impact to the business of EGT Interactive. We got back from the biggest and one of the most important spots for the business growth of the year – ICE London. And we are very excited about our 1st participation as an exhibitor of at the upcoming ENADA exhibition in Rimini between 13th and 15th of March.

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5 Great Star, new game release from EGT Interactive.

We are ready to face the upcoming year with a hope for better life, easiness in the daily routine and better wins. EGT Interactive gives you a great opportunity for the beginning of the year. You can be a STAR or become a roulette master. Now on the go, with a couple of clicks. Spin the reel and let the new year begins!

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Charity Bazaar at the office of EGT Interactive.

What an end of this year! 10 days ago we made a Charity Bazaar at the office of EGT Interactive for the 7 Каузи / 7 Causes foundation …. and here is the result. Food products for elderly people in remote places in Bulgaria. Thank you 7 Каузи / 7 Causes for the opportunity and the humanity that you spread.
#charities  #bazaar  #Christmasmood #WeMakePeopleHappy

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EGT Interactive with impressive participation at SIGMA in Malta

We are very excited that EGT Interactives first attendance as an exhibitor at SIGMA in Malta, achieved contemporary and interactive visual of the stand and our presence as a whole.  Everyone, who passed through it could get acquainted and enjoy some of our most famous premium casino slots. The interest to our topnotch proposals and the territories that we cover was amazing.

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