Scarab is multilevel system with five levels of mystery Jackpot, featuring a bonus game. Each mystery Jackpot level is illustrated by a position.

The Scarab Bonus is randomly triggered after a single game is finished and all resulting winnings are collected.

The player has a possibility to win some of the levels with any of the Qualifying bets, every time he/she enters the Scarab bonus, however the win is not guaranteed.

Once triggered, the player is presented a short animation and is taken to the Scarab Jackpot bonus game where 18 unopened boxes are waiting for him/her. Player starts to open boxes.

The bonus game Scarab Jackpot ends when all positions for available levels are covered or when the player opens a box with text "Collect". The bonus amount will correspond to the amount accumulated at the moment of revealing the last covered level.

The amount won in the Scarab Jackpot round cannot be taken to the Gamble round.

Depending on the amount of the bet, which triggers the Scarab Jackpot, the player has a chance to win the highest level, which is marked as active. The available winning levels are defined by the bet amount.